Asia Cup 2023

Asia Cup Live Score

Cricket fans across the globe eagerly await the Asia Cup, a premier cricket tournament that showcases the best of Asian cricketing talent. From intense rivalries to thrilling performances, the Asia Cup never captivates fans. The most convenient way to stay connected to the action, even if you can’t watch the matches live, is by keeping an eye on the Asia Cup live score. In this post, we’ll explore where you can find up-to-date Asia Cup live scores, ensuring you take advantage of every moment of the excitement.

Complete List of Websites Offering Asia Cup Live Scores

Here’s a handy table summarizing the websites and platforms where you can catch live scores of the Asia Cup:

ESPNcricinfoBall-by-ball commentary, detailed stats
CricbuzzLive scores, commentary, expert analysis
HotstarLive scores, live streaming, multi-angle view
Official WebsitesAuthentic updates from tournament organizers
Mobile AppsReal-time scores on your smartphone
Social MediaLive updates, highlights, fan interactions
Asia Cup Live Score

Where to Watch Asia Cup Live Score

Regarding tracking live scores of the Asia Cup, the internet offers many options. Here are some reliable sources that provide real-time updates on the ongoing matches:

  1. ESPNcricinfo: A cricket lover’s paradise, ESPNcricinfo offers comprehensive coverage of cricket tournaments worldwide. You can find ball-by-ball commentary, live scorecards, match summaries, and player statistics.
  2. Cricbuzz: Another popular platform, Cricbuzz, provides live scores, commentary, and expert analyses. Their user-friendly interface ensures you can access the latest scores without any hassle.
  3. Hotstar: If you’re looking for an immersive experience, Hotstar often provides live scores alongside live streaming of the matches. This platform is perfect for those who enjoy a multi-dimensional viewing experience.
  4. Official Tournament Websites: The official websites of cricket boards or tournaments are trustworthy sources for live scores. They offer real-time updates, match schedules, and news directly from the organizers.
  5. Mobile Apps: ESPNcricinfo and Cricbuzz have dedicated mobile apps that bring live scores to your fingertips. You can stay updated on the go, no matter where you are.
  6. Social Media: Follow the official social media handles of the Asia Cup, participating teams, and cricket boards. They often share live score updates, highlights, and engaging content.


The Asia Cup celebrates cricketing talent and regional pride, and staying connected to the live scores further enhances the experience. Thanks to the platforms available today, you can enjoy the game in real time, whether at home, work, or on the move. Remember, while technology keeps us updated, sharing the excitement with loved ones adds magic to the cricketing journey. So, cheer for your favorite teams and players armed with the latest live scores!

Which team made the highest score in Asia Cup?

Pakistan holds the record for the highest team score in Asia Cup history. They scored an impressive 385 runs in 50 overs against Bangladesh on June 21, 2010.

How many times Pakistan won Asia Cup?

Pakistan have won Asia Cup twice, while India have won it seven times.

What is the lowest score in Asia Cup T20?

Hong Kong have scored the lowest score of Asia Cup 38 all out against Pakistan.

What is the highest score in Asia Cup T20?

India Have scored the highest score of Asia Cup history 212/2 in 2022 against Afghanistan.

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