How to Buy tickets for Asia Cup 2023

How To Buy Tickets For Asia Cup 2023

Cricket fans across the globe are gearing up for an exciting event as the Asia Cup 2023 approaches. With the most anticipated matches and nail-biting moments, the tournament promises a thrilling spectacle for cricket enthusiasts. Tickets for Asia Cup 2023 are now available. If you’re eager to participate in this cricket extravaganza, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through purchasing tickets for the Asia Cup 2023, ensuring you’re well-prepared to secure your seats and witness history in the making.

Online Tickets For Asia Cup 2023, Booking

Tickets for Asia Cup 2023 are now available on official website of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Online Booking and Tickets Price

The exciting India vs Pakistan match in the 2023 Asia Cup has its tickets up for grabs! You can buy tickets starting from 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (7 pm Indian Standard Time) on August 17. The cost of tickets for this match begins at around INR 2500.

The 2023 ACC Men’s Asia Cup is split into two parts: one in Pakistan and the other in Sri Lanka. Tickets for the Pakistan matches were made available on August 12, 2023. As for the Sri Lanka leg, the first set of tickets went on sale on August 17, 2023. The next round of ticket sales for the Sri Lanka matches, including the much-awaited Pakistan vs India match, will start at 6:30 pm PST on August 17.

Why Asia Cup 2023 Is a Must-Watch

The Asia Cup has always been a cricketing showcase that unites fans from various countries, promoting the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie. The 2023 edition is expected to be no different, featuring some of the most talented players from Asia battling it out on the field. From breathtaking shots to intense rivalries, this tournament promises unforgettable memories for everyone.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Tickets

  1. Visit the Official Website: To purchase your tickets for Asia Cup 2023 , head over to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official website at The official website of PCB is the most reliable source for securing your tickets, ensuring you get authentic passes for the matches.
  2. Create an Account: If you still need to do so, you’ll need to create an account on the PCB ticketing platform. This will allow you to manage your ticket purchases, view match schedules, and receive critical updates regarding the tournament.
  3. Browse Match Schedule: Once logged in, explore the match schedule to decide which games you want to attend. The Asia Cup 2023 will feature a series of thrilling matches, including group-stage battles and knockout encounters. Take note of the dates, venues, and teams that pique your interest.
  4. Select Your Matches: After browsing the schedule, select the specific matches you wish to attend. You can choose individual matches or package deals covering multiple games. Make sure to consider factors like team matchups, venue preferences, and availability when making your selection.
  5. Choose Seating Preferences: Different ticket categories offer varying levels of comfort and viewing experiences. Choose your preferred seating category, considering factors like proximity to the action, the view from the stands, and your budget. Popular options often include regular seating, premium seating, and VIP boxes.
  6. Review Ticket Details: Before finalizing your purchase, review the ticket details to ensure accuracy. Double-check the match dates, seating category, and the number of tickets you purchase. This step helps avoid any last-minute surprises on match day.
  7. Add to Cart and Checkout: Once you’re satisfied with your selections, add the tickets to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Here, you’ll need to provide your payment information and complete the necessary transaction steps. Rest assured, the PCB’s official website employs secure payment gateways to protect your financial information.
  8. Receive Confirmation: After completing the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your ticket details. Please keep this email safe, as you’ll need to present it at the venue’s gate to gain entry to the match.

Tips for a Smooth Ticket-Buying Experience

  • Act Fast: Tickets for Asia Cup 2023 are in high demand, so purchasing them as soon as they become available is wise. This increases your chances of securing seats for your preferred matches.
  • Consider Package Deals: If you’re a die-hard cricket fan, package deals that cover multiple matches can be a cost-effective way to enjoy several games in a single trip.
  • Stay Updated: The official PCB website will provide updates on ticket availability, match schedule changes, and other important information. Stay connected through the website and any provided social media channels for the latest news.
  • Plan Ahead: Make sure to plan your travel and accommodations well in advance, especially if you’re coming from a different city or country. This ensures a stress-free experience on match days.


As the Asia Cup 2023 draws near, cricket lovers have a unique opportunity to witness top-notch cricketing action firsthand. By following this step-by-step guide, you can seamlessly navigate the process of buying tickets for the tournament. Secure your tickets from the official PCB website ensures authenticity and a hassle-free experience. So, gear up, mark your calendar, and prepare to cheer for your favorite teams at the Asia Cup 2023!

How to buy Asia Cup tickets 2023?

Buy tickets for Asia Cup 2023 on PCB official website

Will Virat Kohli play Asia Cup 2023?

Yes, Virat Kohli is ready to represent India in Asia Cup 2023.

What is the ticket price of Asia Cup in Indian currency?

Tickets for Asia Cup 2023 are available in different prices costs between 2500 to 25000 INR.

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